10 Years of
Providing Career Educational Services

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What they will learn?

The Warehouseman Training Program was developed in conjunction with employers.
“What do you want of a new hire employee”?
“What entry level positions would be available for them”?

“From today to gainfully employed in as little as 2 weeks”
Using our past experiences as an indicator,
Over 60% 90% of our graduates have jobs within 30 days.
Over 90% 95% of our graduates have jobs within 3 months.
Several graduates are interviewed and hired during training,
pending completion of the program.

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We are located at 3150 Mercier. In the Dean’s Downtown Business Park

Initially this program was designed to provide candidates with employable skill sets that they have not achieved elsewhere. It has since expanded to serving an array of candidates; career field change, women entering the workforce, former substance abusers, ex-offenders, and youths. It has become ideal for those in the foster care system who are about to be on their own, High school drop outs, and anyone just wanting great employable skill sets. Our programs are recommended by probation and Parole Officers, “NoVA”, KCCRC (Kansas City Correction and Rehabilitation Center), high schools and Employment Offices.
We work with many different organizations to attain a sponsor for you as a student.

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