Warehouseman Training Inc

TRACE (for those outside the Kansas City Area)

A new program to get those in need back into the workforce no matter where they are located in Missouri/Kansas

For over ten years, Warehouseman Training Inc. has been training here in the KC Area.
This can be used for either the Warehouseman Program or Administrative Assistant Classes.
This allows you to attend these classes with WTI Providing transportation to and from home,
and housing to be decided on after consultation.
We have an amazing record in getting those in need hired in the warehousing field.
There are very few educational programs that offer real forklift training in Missouri / Kansas.



These are a few jobs the class will prepare them for and many others also;
    >Customer Service Rep.
    >Administgrative Assistant
    >Material Techs./File Clerks
    >Receptionist/ Secretary Clerk
    >Medical Records & Billing
    >Hotel Front Desk Clerks/Concierge
    >Hospital Intake Clerk
    >Collections Representative
    >Financial Investment Center Rep.
    >Personal Assistant

During the four-week class, we teach many skills.
    The use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook.
    We will work to improve your typing skills.
    Actual use of telephone communications to give you hands on experience.
    Office skills will give you a step up in attaining a career job.
    You will create resumes and work on interviewing skills to assure you can promote yourself as an asset to the company.
    You will earn a OSHA-10 Safety Certification.

Warehouseman Training Inc

Online Education
OSHA Forklift Recertification

To maintain your Federally mandated OSHA operators certification.
This has to be done every three years.