The Programs at Warehouseman Training Program were developed in conjunction with employer's recommendations, and continues to maintain a cutting edge education with those recommendations.

Business Training KC

Administrative Assistant & Supply Chain Tech.

Microsoft Office 365

Lessons on Word, Excel and Outlook. Plus, using browers.

Office Skills

Lessons on Communication, Listening, Problem Solving, Time Management & Phone Skills.

FEDEx/UPS Software

An overview of each companies software and how it works.


OSHA-10 Safety Certification

The 10-hour General Industry Training Program is intended to provide a worker’s general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards in a general warehousing setting.

Human Resource

Create/Update Resumes, Interviewing Techniques, Transferable Skills, One on One interviewing practice & Phone Interviews

On-Line Forklift
Re-Certification (OSHA)

Simple and Easy process to keep your certification current.


Must have had been previously licensed


Register, Checkout with PayPal,
Log In at your convience

On-Line Section

Watch 6 videos and take the exam.

Driving Section

If you are working you can have your supervisor evaluate your driving. Just download the forms from the site. If you are not working and in the Kansas City Area call and schedule a time to have it done at our warehouse classroom

Certificate & License

You will receive a certificate for the On-Line portion and once we receive your evaluation form we will get to you your new license.